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School Council

    At Chipping Warden Academy, we believe it is important for all children to have a voice and feel as though their views and opinions count.


    We want pupils to:

    • feel empowered to make change

    • develop confidence

    • take responsibility

    • make their voice heard

    • learn about democracy


    Our School Council is made up of a representative from each year group. Their classmates vote for them three times a year. This week, we have had time to vote for a member of the class, who we believe can change our school for the better.

    School Council meetings are held by Miss Birchall and are held regularly. Before every meeting, the school counsellors will gather ideas from the whole school or their classmates and take it to the meeting, which will aid the school counsellors to plan ideas for the school year. After each meeting they will feedback to their classmates. School council members can be identified by their badge, which they are proud to wear.

    The research into the role of a School Council can be found here: