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Chipping Warden Primary Academy is a caring community in which each child is valued and nurtured as an individual. The aim of our curriculum is to foster a love of learning that enables all our pupils to achieve to their full potential. Our ambition is that all of our children will be prepared for the next stage in their education and will take their place as responsible citizens in a modern British society.  Pupils get off to a flying start and enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum that gives them the knowledge and understanding to take their place as ambitious and caring citizens in a modern British society who have a strong moral code. Our six core values are Community, Courage, Creativity, Enjoyment, Respect and Responsibility and the associated key characteristics. These are threaded through our curriculum design and taught through our assembly programme.


As a school, we provide pupils with meaningful opportunities to understand how to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society. We give pupils occasions to discuss issues and ideas in a considered way. Alongside our core values we teach the children to have an understanding of the fundamental British Values of: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and respect. As a rural primary school, we recognise the importance of promoting equality of opportunity and diversity effectively and teach pupils to show respect to everyone. We want the children to appreciate and respect cultural, religious and ethnic similarities and differences across a wide range of countries, people, and socio-economic communities.

Community: We believe it is important to build strong collaborative partnerships with families as well as the local community. We want the children at Chipping Warden Primary Academy to grow up being a team and to take shared ownership of the local community and be involved in local opportunities.


Courage: We believe having the courage and willingness to achieve something makes the children resilient in their learning. We want them to be familiar with not being afraid to make mistakes and stand up for what they believe in, in order to allow them to deal with apprehensive feelings and succeed.


Creativity: We believe it is important for the children in our school to be creative and develop independent individuality to strive for the future. We aim to inspire the children through a broad curriculum capturing their imagination to be used creatively as a lifelong skill.


Enjoyment: We aim to provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum that combines excellence in teaching with enjoyment of learning. We want the children at Chipping Warden Primary Academy to be happy and motivated in their learning so they can fulfil their full potential. We want the children to get a sense of satisfaction through achievements, whether this be an academic or sporting achievement.


Respect: We believe that respect is demonstrated through actions and words. We model the giving and receiving of respect by valuing everyone’s contributions and appreciating others opinions. We encourage all children to be tolerant of others especially when working together as part of a team. We want the children to be able to put themselves in some else’s shoes which requires us to learn about empathy.


Responsibility: We want to encourage the children in our school to take responsibility for their learning. We inspire them to take pride in their work as well as pride in the world around them. This school value promotes a sensible attitude to develop the children into future responsible adults.