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Are You Ready For Learning?

Our School Motto


We look after you,

We look after me,

We look after the school,

We stay in the space.


We all use our School Motto as a framework of reference to remind us all how to behave with each other around school. It gives us a shared, empathetic approach to behaviour management.

House Teams 

We have four House Teams Lancaster, Wellington, Spitfire and Hurricane. Children can earn house points for a variety of school activities and each term the House Team with the most points chooses a reward for their team. 


Class Code of Conduct Chart

We have a whole school reward and sanction system in place whereby the children start each day on 'Ready For Learning' and move up or down depending on their learning behaviours. The chart is positive and linked to our values. If children find that they have made a wrong choice then the emphasis is very much on having a chance to put it right and return to 'Ready for Learning'. Our children tell us that they like this system as it is fair and it helps everybody make the right choices.

Weekly Awards 

Each week we celebrate the successes of our pupils at celebration assembly. 


Class Star of the Week awards are presented to children from each class who have demonstrated one of our School Values.


Children who have reached All Star are also rewarded with a certificate and received a special reward on Golden Thursday.