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Each of our classes names are linked to our our flying theme.  


Reception - Named after Roald Dahl's Flying Foxes

Year 1 and 2 - Named after Eleanor Wadsworth, a Second World War pilot

Year 3 and 4 - Named after Guy Gibson, a World War 2 RAF bomber pilot

Year 5 and 6 - Named after Sir Douglas Bader, a Group Captain in the RAF during World War 2

We have four Houses in school which are steeped in our wartime history. They are named after planes as pictured and all of the children join a House when they come into school. All siblings join to be part of the same House. Our reward system is based on House Points and our Year 6 children add up the points each week and tally up the leader board! Competition is healthy and the children have a sense of belonging to their house. Each of our teachers lead one of the Houses - Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Bonner are joint Heads of Spitfire; Mrs Adonu is Head of Wellington; Mr Lockhart is Head of Hurricane; Mrs Williams is Head of Lancaster.


We promote as many opportunities for pupil leadership as we can in school; we value the contribution to school life that the pupils make. Our School Council meet weekly and are full of ideas of how to improve the school. They are ably supported by Mrs Haynes in school and have a weekly slot in the newsletter. Alongside our School Council we have Sports Leaders and Librarians who play important leadership roles. Such opportunities help our children get off to a 'flying start' and begin their journey in life as responsible citizens.

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