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Physical Education

Physical Education at Chipping Warden Primary Academy

At Chipping Warden Primary Academy, we aim to develop our pupils so they become physically active and can join in with a range of different physical activities. We work hard to ensure that our pupils gain a range of experiences and skills to develop their physical fitness, skills, balance and co-ordination and how they can work together as a team. Our pupils enjoy 2 full lessons of P.E. a week where we introduce a good range of curriculum areas such as dance, gymnastics, athletics, and team games. We also encourage physical activity through our range of lunchtime and after school clubs and the children compete against other schools on a regular basis. We promote healthy lifestyles for the children in our school through lessons, informative assemblies and out of school activities to help our children eat sensibly, be aware of the dangers of drugs, smoking and alcohol and the benefits of regular exercise.


• Our children in Key Stage 2 all swim for one whole term a year. This ensures that they swim regularly over a sustained period of time and so develop and build on skills from lesson to lesson. Swimming is taught by qualified and experienced teachers at the local swimming pool in Daventry.

• In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, one P.E. lesson a week is taught by qualified P.E. coaches bringing enthusiasm and specialism to the teaching.

• There are football, basketball and gymnastics clubs run once a week by our P.E. coaches.

• In our regular Celebration Assemblies, we encourage children to share their sporting achievements that have been obtained outside of school. This helps to raise the expectation and ambition of every child at the assembly.


We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

• The number of Year 6 children who participate in sports competitions.

• The number of Year 6 children who can swim 25 metres.

• Tracking of how well pupils have achieved against progressive skills and knowledge for each year group.

• Pupil interviews about their involvement in P.E.

Young Sport Leaders

Our Year 6 children have been trained as Young Sports Leaders. They lead playtime activities for the younger children at lunchtimes.