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Local Governing Boards (LGBs)

Our LGBs are the champions of our values in each of our schools.  The role of a Local Governor within a Multi-Academy Trust is an important one and sits at the heart of the relationship with school leaders. The Trust Board establishes the LGBs and approves the membership of each board. For the most part, each LGB is made up of individuals drawn from the community, both as elected and appointed members.

The Local Governors are accountable to the Trust Board as well as to the communities they serve. Across all of our LGBs we have a range of expertise that help to support and challenge school leaders to make their school highly effective. Our governor training support programme helps to ensure that new governors are inducted successfully and that existing governors are kept up to date with changes in education practice and procedures.

We are currently looking for a Community/Co-Opted Governor to join our local Governing Body - for further information about this role please see below

The following documents are available upon request:

  • approved and signed minutes

  • agendas

  • any papers considered at the meeting

Our Governors 


Zoe Turner (Co-Opted Governor - Safeguarding and SEND)

I am an English Teacher at a secondary school for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs. I have worked at this school for 6 years and enjoy every moment. I have a strong interest in SEND and hope to one day qualify as a SENCo. 






Hamish Gairdner (Co-opted Governor)

I am the Estate Manager at Edgcote. I have a daughter who enjoyed Chipping Warden  Kindergarten and is now attending the academy. I am passionate about Rural affairs, through my job I am involved with the local community and I am also a member of Chipping Warden Parish Council.




Jim Wintersgill (Parent Governor - Health & Safety)

I am a Finance Manager working in the automotive industry. I live in Chipping Warden, and have two daughters currently attending the academy.







Rachel Rankin (Parent Governor)

I am a Medical Writer with a healthcare communications company. I live in Chipping Warden and have two children who attend the academy, having previously attended the Kindergarten.





Samantha Gericke (Community Governor) 

I work at Chipping Warden Kindergarten with pre school children and I also run Forest school sessions. I have three children who all attend Chipping Warden Primary Academy. 

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interest October 2023

Name of Governor/Member of StaffGovernor/Member of Staff positionName of Business/other organisation/other interestNature of Business/InterestNature of InterestDetails of ConflictDate of AppointmentDate of Cessation of InterestDate of Entry
Hamish GairdnerCo-Opted Governor----12/10/2020N/A15/10/2020
Zoe TurnerCo-Opted GovernorStephenson (MK) TrustEducationTeacherWorking with other Trust12/10/2020N/A13/10/2020
Jim WintersgillParent Governor

Children at CWPA

Wife Employed by the school

ParentParentParental view14/07/2022N/A01/08/2022
Samantha GerickeCommunity Governor

Children at CWPA

CW Kindergarten

Samantha Gericke



Education provider



Providing Forest School teaching to CWPA pupils

Parental view

Working for another site user

Service provider






Budget dependant




Rachel RankinParent GovernorChildren at CWPAParentParentParental view26/01/2023N/A26/01/2023
Mark LockhartStaff Governor----30/10/2023N/A30/10/2023
Hazel WilliamsHeadteacherWest Northants CouncilKS2 Lead ModeratorModerating for other schoolsWorking with other schools01/09/2023N/A01/09/2023


Governors/Members of staff - Leavers during last 12 months

Name of  


of Staff   

Governor/Member of Staff  Position

Name of Business/ other  

organisation/other interest  

Nature of Business/ other organisation/ other interest  

Nature of Interest  

Details of Conflict  

Date of  



Date of  


of Interest  

Date of  



Sarah Bonner

Staff Governor / Head of School








Rachel Gallyot

Exec Head/CEO

Gallyot Consulting

Education Consultancy


Working with other Trusts

Working with a potential sponsor













Governor Attendance 2022/23




03/07/2317/17/23Meetings attendedOut of possible
Hamish GairdnerAPPPA35
Peter JamesPPPPP55
Zoe TurnerPPPAP45
Jim WintersgillPPPPP55
Samantha GerickeN/APPPP44
Rachel RankinN/AAPPP34
Sarah Bonner (Head of School)PPPAP45
Rachel Gallyot (CEO/Exec Head)PPPPP55



Present - P

Apologies - A

Not a governor - N/A