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English at Chipping Warden Primary Academy


At Chipping Warden Primary Academy, English is an important part of our curriculum. Children are gaining the skills to read and write, but just as important, they are taught the skills of speaking and listening, including responding to others.



At Chipping Warden Primary Academy, our aim is to foster a lifelong love of reading in our pupils by ensuring they have access to a high-quality English curriculum which is centered around books. A love of reading will also be reinforced by access to a range of high quality reading materials and experiences. This should help children to use standard English and gain a wide vocabulary which they can use in both spoken and written work.  Initially, phonics will be used to help children learn to read. To become fluent, we then encourage all pupils to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction, with a range of quality texts being shared in each class. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive readers and ask questions about the text. Additionally, we want children to develop their love of reading at home and so we support families in helping their child to read, through initiatives such as Book and Biscuit. We hope children will develop knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live, deepen their curriculum knowledge and further their comprehension skills through their reading of books.



Writing is an essential part of our curriculum and is very important at Chipping Warden Primary Academy.  We want children to develop a love of writing and have pride in their written accomplishments. Our aim is that they will be able to express their ideas and creativity through a range of genres. They will be able to plan, revise and evaluate their work effectively. In order for them to develop as fluent writers, children will spend their formative years becoming confident with phonics, word, spelling and sentence structure and handwriting. As they progress through the school, they will embed basic skills in order to widen their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. This will enable them to develop their writing so they are able to articulate, communicate and organise their ideas for audience and purpose.