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Test Results 2015

Our Pupil Test Results 2015

We were pleased with all of our pupil’s test results during the summer of 2015. There had been a large increase in the number of pupils at the school and this did effect some of the results (some children arrived just a few days before the assessments). The majority of our pupil’s results were at least in line or above the National Average.


The Main headlines were:


Foundation Stage

The results of the pupils at the end of the Foundation Stage were below national averages. The children made good progress.


Year 1 Phonics Check

Pupils who had completed two years at the school obtained scores in the Phonics Check that were at or beyond the pass threshold (75%). This was in line with the National Average. Three children that joined in Year 1 did not pass the check (some had only been at the school for a week or so before the test).

KS1 – Year 2

  • The KS1 test results are above National Average in all subjects at Levels 2c+, 2b+.
  • Of the 15 children, 9 had been with the school since the beginning of the Reception Class
  • These pupil results at the end of the Foundation Stage were below the National Average. Their results now are at least in line or above the National Average
  • The percentages of children attaining Level 2A or above was equal or above the National Average.



Pupils in each year group made good or better than expected progress. This included SEN and Pupil Premium children. Quite a few children joined the school in this age group during the year.

KS2 – Year 6

  • We had a number of new children start with us. Of the 5 original starters in the Reception Class, all achieved at least a Level 4 in all subjects. In Reading and writing, these children gained Level 5 at well above the National Average and at least broadly in line in mathematics and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Level 6 was achieved in mathematics and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.
  • Vulnerable pupils made good progress


Further Information

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