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Test Results 2014

Our Pupil Test Results 2014

We were delighted with all of our pupils test results during the summer of 2014. At nearly every age, our pupil’s results were usually above or well above the National Average.


The Main headlines were:

KS2 – Year 6

  • All pupils gained level 4B or above in reading and mathematics and Level 4 or above in writing. This made us one of only 149 schools in the country to achieve this level of attainment
  • The pupils Average Point Score was 31.5.  This placed the school in the top 6 in Northamptonshire and top 36% Nationally.
  • Vulnerable pupils made good progress which was significantly above the National Average
  • Results at Year 6 were found to be significantly above the National Average by Ofsted (RaiseOnline 2014)
  • The proportion of pupils who attained Level 5 (or above) was high in each subject (e.g. 77% Level 5 in Reading and 15% Level 6 in Writing & Mathematics)



Pupils in each year group made good or better than expected progress. This included SEN and Pupil Premium children.


KS1 – Year 2

  • The KS1 test results are above National Average in all subjects
  • These pupil results at the end of the Foundation Stage were in line with the National Average. Their results now are above National Average
  • The percentages of children attaining Level 2A or above was higher than the National Average.


Year 1 Phonics Check

79% of pupils obtained scores in the Phonics Check that were at or beyond the pass threshold. This was above the National Average.


Foundation Stage

The results of the pupils at the end of the Foundation Stage were in line with national averages. They made good progress and are above the national average.

The percentages of children reaching good levels of development (GLD) at the end of the Foundation Stage (end of Reception Class) were in line with both National and Local averages. All children made at least expected progress from the children’s starting points with many making better than expected progress. 


Further Information

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