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Late/Absence Procedures

Our School Day


The school day begins for all pupils at 8.50am when the doors to the playground will be open. 


The school day ends at 3.15pm for all classes. Children will exit the school building via the doors to the playground.

Absences and Illness



Please inform the school office by 9.00 am on the first day of any absence. You will need to phone the school on each day of absence. On their return to school, please write a short note to explain their absence.



If your child has sickness or diarrhoea you must keep him/her at home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased.


If your doctor has prescribed medicine for your child but has said that they can attend school, please bring the medicine in to the school office where you will be asked to complete the appropriate form so that the medicine can be administered.


Please check your child’s hair for head lice once a week. If head lice are found, please treat your child’s hair as soon as possible. It is best to check all members of the family.


If your child is taken ill at school, every effort will be made to contact parents or authorised contacts, it is therefore essential that contact details be kept up to date.